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Please be aware that Ray Dalio's name, brand, image, likeness, voice and/or reputation may periodically be misused by unauthorized persons to publish fake news articles, websites and other media content; launch illegitimate or fake marketing, investment advice, fundraising, and/or investment or brand recognition campaigns; or engage in other fraudulent schemes, such as illicit recruitment activities, to gain money and/or confidential information as well as to deceive, misinform, or otherwise cause harm to or derive benefit from individuals, businesses and/or the general public. The actions of these unauthorized persons are not associated with Ray Dalio, Principles LLC, PriOS LLC, the Dalio Family Office, or any other Dalio-affiliated entity and, as such, these entities are not responsible for the consequences of any of these fraudulent activities.

Please be informed that Ray Dalio does not authorize any misuse of his name, brand, image, likeness, voice or reputation, and does not tolerate fraudulent activity. Ray Dalio does not and will not conduct any solicitation to the public with respect to investments, fundraising, or opening accounts, including print and online articles, advertisements, or postings on social media sites, messaging apps, such as Telegram, WeChat, or WhatsApp, or other public platforms. Dalio and affiliated entities reserve the right to take all appropriate steps to protect their legal rights and reputation.

When communicating with Ray Dalio through digital media, please note that he only communicates via his official social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and does not communicate with the public through direct messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat or other direct messaging platforms. If you receive a message or response on any of his content leading you to WhatsApp or any other platform in order to contact him, it is someone impersonating his identity and likeness.

If you have any questions about the above and/or would like to make us aware of any suspected unauthorized activity involving Ray Dalio or the Principles brand, please contact us at

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