Black and white portrait of Ray Dalio: Narrator and Creator of Life Principles

Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life.

Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, cites principles as his key to success.

Work Principle

Know that most everyone thinks that what they did, and what they are doing, is much more important than it really is.

If you ask everybody in an organization what percentage of the organization's success they're personally responsible for, you'll wind up with a total of about 300 percent. That's just the reality, and it shows why you must be precise in attributing specific results to specific people's actions. Otherwise, you'll never know who is responsible for what--and even worse, you may make the mistake of believing people who wrongly claim to be behind great accomplishments.

Work Principle

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Life Principles

Work Principles

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